Self-Healing Cutting Mat

We manufacture large mats that are considered Self-Healing. This means the mat actually repairs itself after a cut has been made, leaving space for another cut along a different line. With low-quality self-healing cutting mats, there is a chance your blade will eventually fall into the previously made crevice, lines or cuts and you will need to cut again. The best quality is always guaranteed with CuttingmatsXXL.

Order your normal, extra large or large self healing cutting mats directly and benefit from worldwide delivery. Select your measurements in the product generator and confirm your order. Alternatively, you can always select a standard size cutting mat. All our products are Self-healing!

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A0 & A1 Self-Healing Cutting Mats (Standard Sizes)

Do you use industry standard sizes? CuttingmatsXXL offers 2 standard European sizes, A0 (1189 x 841 mm) and A1 (594 x 840). These translate to the UK standard sizes in inches: A0 = 36 x 48 and A1= 24×36, as displayed in the table below. Choose your standard self-healing cutting mat and order the product directly from our online shop! For more information regarding the product, read the corresponding page.  A0 cutting mat    A1 cutting mat

Type European Size Unit Inch Size Unit
A0 1189 x 841 mm 36 x 48 inch
A1 594 x 840 mm 36 x 24 inch

Large Self-Healing Cutting mats (Custom Sizes)

When you use custom sizes, our product generator is where you should be. Fill out every form and click on the “order now” button. If you need any help: there are little question marks in the product generator that can tell you more about a specific part of your order. You can also order a self-healing cutting mat on a roll (xxl/extra-large). Read more about the large cutting mat or place your order directly.

Once you have filled out the forms, we’ll get busy preparing your (extra) large self-healing cutting mat! All our cutting mats are also compatible with the different brands of flatbed applicators and other large equipment and tools. If you wish to check before you order, just contact us!

Hardness of out Cutting Mats

The hardness is an important quality factor for cutting mats. Too hard is not friendly to the knife, the knife will then wear out too quickly. Too soft is of course not desirable. The optimum hardness is 80 to 82 shore. Shore is the unit for measuring hardness. You measure shore with a shore hardness tester.


Don’t be fooled: Our cutting mats are 100% homogeneous. Companies that offer these cutting mats with a harder interior and a softer top layer do not tell the truth. In fact, they even lie.

It is impossible to produce these cutting mats in multiple layers because these mats are produced with the technic of hot extrusion. Hot extrusion is a process whereby a plastic in a heated state and therefore in “liquid” form, is pressed through a mold plate and then cooled. The mold plate to produce cutting mats consists of a nozzle in the desired width with many small holes. Extrusion production will always result in a 100% homogeneous product.

Different Purposes

Self-healing cutting mats can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as quilting. People often don’t understand the importance of a good cuttingmat. However, it is an essential part of cutting things like fabric or other materials. Ordering a cutting mat for sewing is a smart move if you don’t want various holes in your tabletop. Read all the different purposes on the corresponding pages!