The FROSTED cutting mat (NEW)

We have developed a new cutting mat especially for the so-called flatbed applicators. The FROSTED cutting mat. The special thing about this FROSTED cutting mat is that the top layer of the top has a fine relief. The bottom has a less strong relief.

The relief of the top has 2 major advantages:

1) The relief on the surface prevents foil residues from sticking instantly. This is a common complaint with the well-known traditional cutting mats.
2) The lighting hanging over a table has no reflections whatsoever. Something that can be very annoying with traditional cutting mats.

With this trendsetting development, CuttingmatsXXL has become the loyal supplier for the well-known SIGN resellers and manufacturers of flatbed applicators.

Of course, the FROSTED cutting mat is also used on regular work tables.

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Info Reseller/OEM
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The FROSTED cutting mat is 100% transparent, just like all other cutting mats from CuttingmatsXXL.
Frosted Snijmat 1
This photo shows one of the great advantages of the FROSTED cutting mat. A piece of a traditional cutting mat is placed on top of the FROSTED cutting mat. The reflection of the light hanging above the table is now very clearly visible.
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FROSTED versus traditional cutting mat. No reflection from the ceiling light!

Well-known application tables:

  • Bobis
  • Bubble-Free
  • CWT-Worktools
  • Easty
  • EZ Roller
  • Fayon
  • GBC Seal
  • Kala
  • Lamidesk
  • Magic Mount MM
  • ModuleMounter
  • Mounter’s Mate
  • Rapid Applicator
  • RiteRoller
  • Rollover
  • RollsRoller
  • Roll-X
  • SignMaster
  • VRoller
Overzicht Applicator Table