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A1 Standard Cutting Mat (5 mm)

A1 cutting mats are used to protect your tabletop as well as your knife. Surface area: 594 x 841 mm or 36×24 inches. Our label “NON-PHTHALATE” will give you the assurance that our soft vinyl is the best choice for human health and environment protection. Order directly from Europe’s biggest cutting mat manufacturer!

Standard Cutting Mat: In all our Cutting Mats we have added a blueish color. With this color the cutting mats stay fully  transparent, has a very fresh look and will not turn into an ugly nicotine color.

USD 28,88

Benefits CuttingmatsXXL

CuttingmatsXXL is the official manufacturer of our product range, we produce them in Holland and ship these a1 cutting mats all over the world. The cutting mat actually absorbs the cut and the material recovers directly (self-healing). With our product, you are able to get double the lifespan you would get with a regular cuttingmat.


Self-healing A1 Cutting Mats

Our entire product range is considered self-healing and sustainable. You can even re-use the mat if you want! Just flip it over and use the other side. The mat will protect your tabletop and is also compatible with every brand of flatbed applicator. Everyone that needs to cut once in a while, needs to have an a1 cutting mat available. This also includes consumers, but is mostly used by signmaking, printing and textile companies. You could also use them for quilting or sewing, they work great in every environment.

Technical specifications

Weight 3 kg
6.61386 lbs

594 x 841 mm
24 x 36 inch

Length 594 mm / 24 inch
Width 841 mm / 36 inch
Thickness 5 mm
Type Clear Blue
Price USD 28,88