Cuttingmats for all brands of flatbed applicators

We produce mats for all brands of flatbed applicators

Rollover, RollsRoller, BigLaminator, Bobis, Bubble-Free, CWT, Kala, Lamidesk, ModuleMounter, Mountersmate, Rapid Applicator, RiteRoller, Roll-X, SignMaster, Techni-Roller, VRoller, VVLamFlat

Welcome to our website CuttingmatsXXL. My name is Ron Tempel, owner of SoftDirect of which CuttingmatonsXXL is one of our leading brand product lines. We have 25 years of experience in the graphic and signage industrie supplying our customers with unique and time saving tools. With CuttingmatsXXL we are lead supplier of cutting mats in all sizes, protecting your tabletop and flatbed applicators.

Cutting Mats XXL for your workbench

Customized XXL cutting mats, flexible & transparent.

Buy your extra large cutting mat directly from the manufacturer. We provide 5 mm thick, flexible and transparent cut-to-size cutting mats. Width from 100 cm to 220 cm with lengths up to 20 meters. Since we produce the mats ourselves, delivery times are short and prices low.

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Order your own custom size

Our cutting mats

  • Prices starting at 40 €/m2
  • Protects your blade and table top
  • Has a “Self-healing” surface
  • Free of phthalate plasticizers
  • Use both sides for extra lifetime
  • Widths from 100 cm to 220 cm
  • Lengths up to 20 meters
  • High quality thickness of 5 mm
  • Resists most chemical liquids
  • We sell and ship worldwide
  • Order direct from the manufacturer
  • Delivery straight from the Netherlands


Free of phthalate plasticizers

Our label “NON-PHTHALATE” will give you the assurance that our soft vinyl is the best choice for human health and environment protection. Read more here >>

Flatbed laminator brands

CuttingmatsXXL protecting your flatbed applicator. We have mats for all table brands.

Rollover, RollsRoller, BigLaminator, Bobis, Bubble-free, CWT,
Kala, Lamidesk, ModuleMounter, Mountersmate, RiteRoller,
Roll-X, SignMaster, Techni-Roller, VRoller, VVLamFlat

Give use the measurement you require and we will cut, pack and ship the your mat to you within a week.