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A0 Antistatic Cutting Mat (5 mm)

A0 cutting mats are standard sized for your comfort. Surface area: 1189 x 841 mm or 36 x 48 inches. All our products are considered self-healing to ensure a perfect cut, every time. Protect your blade as well as your tabletop. Order directly online from the #1 cuttingmat manufacturer in Europe!

Antistatic Cutting Mat: In all our Cutting Mats we have added a blueish color. With this color the cutting mats stay fully  transparent, has a very fresh look and will not turn into an ugly nicotine color.
In the Antistatic cutting mats we also add a special additive to make the cutting mat 10 x less antistatic. The cutting mat will therefor attract far les dust and will help staying away from the typical electrical shocks.

USD 85,10

Benefits CuttingmatsXXL

CuttingmatsXXL is the official manufacturer of our product range, we produce them in Holland and ship these a0 cutting mats all over the world. Our products also have a longer lifespan than a regular cutting mat: twice as long, to be exact. Just flip the mat, and you’ll have a clean surface to cut on! The product is free from phthalate plasticizers and can be re-used.


Self-Healing A0 Cutting Mats

All of our products have self-healing properties, meaning the material recovers after a cut has been made. Every business should use a mat for protection when cutting, especially standard sized ones. Our clientele is diverse: from printing companies to sign makers, textile companies or sewing workshops. Of course, we also deliver our products to consumers! They are suited for all sorts of purposes. Order online and protect your tabletops or equipment with an A0 cutting mat!
Do you require a custom size cutting mat? Use the product generator to enter your values and order directly!

Technical specifications

Weight 6 kg
13.22772 lbs

841 x 1189 mm
36 x 48 inch

Length 841 mm / 36 inch
Width 1189 mm / 48 inch
Thickness 5 mm
Type Clear Blue AntiStatic
Price USD 85,10