Large Cutting Mat

Large cutting mats, also called XXL cutting mats are the large custom-made cutting mats we are able to deliver all over the world. They can be used for various purposes, including: applications in the graphical industry, flatbed applicators, tabletop protection, for cutting promotion materials, cutting different fabrics and more. Produced in Holland, shipped worldwide. CuttingmatsXXL is the #1 European Cutting mat manufacturer!

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Extra Large Cutting Mat

We consider large cutting mats to be bigger than the standard sized (a0 cutting mats and a1 cutting mats) mostly to be used on big machinery, glass application tables or large workstations. Whatever your size is, we are sure we can accommodate. In fact, our product is ideal for large spaces!

Cutting mat prices at CuttingmatsXXL (*)
Type Thickness width cm width inch EUR Price/m2
Transparant Clear Blue 4 150 59,1 EUR 48,60
Transparant Clear Blue 4 160 – 220 63,0 – 86,6 EUR 63,76
Transparant Clear Blue 5 50 – 150 19,7 – 59,1 EUR 55,55
Transparant Clear Blue 5 160 – 220 63,0 – 86,6 EUR 73,05
Transparant Clear Blue 7 100 – 150 39,4 – 59,1 EUR 90,56
Transparant Clear Blue AntiStatic 5 50 – 150 19,7 – 59,1 EUR 77,76
Transparant Clear Blue AntiStatic 5 160 – 220 63,0 – 86,6 EUR 99,62
Transparant Clear Blue FROSTED 3 100/120/150 39,4/47,2/59,1 EUR 49,61
Transparant Clear Blue FROSTED 4 100/150 39,4/59,1 EUR 58,03
Transparant Clear Blue FROSTED 4 170 66,9 EUR 76,13
Transparant Clear Blue FROSTED 5 60 – 150 23,6 – 59,1 EUR 65,95
Transparant Clear Blue FROSTED 5 160 – 220 63,0 – 86,6 EUR 86,35
Transparant Clear Blue FROSTED 7 100/150 39,4/59,1 EUR 108,68

If you already know your measurements, just enter them in the quick calculator below. It will calculate the price of your cuttingmat automatically after just a few simple choices:

Thickness: choose between 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 millimeter.

Width: Custom made

Antistatic: The large antistatic cutting mat can only be selected if you have chosen the 5mm thickness. The Antistatic element is added to lower the static resistance (10 times lower!) and attract less dust.  

Frosted: For SignMakers this new Frosted CUTTING MAT has special features. Far less surface adhesion which gives you easier removal of adhesive residue. The cutting mat has a matted surface on the topside and has therefore an anti-light reflex that “swallows” your hall lighting! The bottom is also matted, bus less stong.


With us, you can rest assured: our products are always the best quality available. Resistant to most chemical liquids, we make sure our product is free of phthalate plasticizers and is considered completely self-healing. Moreover, the material protects your blade as well as the tabletop: don’t ruin your sharp knives or table anymore!


All of our large cutting mats can also be flipped! This way, you will be able to almost double the lifespan. This saves you a lot of money and contributes to a better environment. Our “self-healing” cutting mat is delivered wherever you are in the world to increase the quality of your work, as well as your productivity.

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We deliver your product all over the world from our base in the Netherlands. Thanks to our logistical suppliers we can guarantee a fast delivery. Order tools for your workshop online at CuttingmatsXXL!